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Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that makes the biggest difference.

When everything works perfectly it’s worth remembering the little unseen things that make the difference. The unique cut of the gear teeth on a Shimano chainring or the polymer-coated cables, for example. Another reason why you should insist on Shimano Original Parts.

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Shimano Original Parts

There‘s really no alternative to Shimano original parts

Shimano Original Parts are developed as part of the component group. Integral to the performance of components, they are ideally matched to their groupset counterparts. Improvements to our component groups are automatically reflected in our original parts and that‘s why these are always cuttingedge products.
The use of Shimano Original Parts guarantees optimum performance and the highest quality, ensuring that the component group functions reliably and safely long term.


Only when Shimano Original Parts are used do Shimano components remain 100% original!


Each and every piece that goes onto your bike is critical to your safety. We never compromise, only those parts that past our strictest tests are worthy of the Shimano logo. The only surefire way to protect yourself and your investment is to always use Shimano Original Parts.


We want everyone that made the choice to ride with Shimano components to continue enjoying their bikes the way they were intended. Shimano group set families are clearly delineated by performance, so you can spend more time riding and less time second-guessing.


Only Shimano Original Parts meet the exact dimensions required to meet the high demands of a surgically precise system. Perfect fits facilitate painless assemblies, and ensure excellent performance.

Some examples why you should insist on Shimano Original Parts

Roadbike Brake

The unique compound of the brake shoes or our polymer-coated cables.

Roadbike Cable

The pre-lubricated outer casing or our polymer-coated cables.

Roadbike Crankset

The unique cut of the gear teeth on a DURA-ACE chainring or the SIL-TEC coated chain.

MTB Brake

The unique ICE-TECHNOLOGIES brake pads or our ultra- rigid brake hose.

MTB Cable

The pre-lubricated outer casing or our polymer-coated cables.

MTB Crankset

The unique cut of the gear teeth on an XTR chainring or the SIL-TEC treated chain.

Shimano system components

All Shimano components are developed based on the Shimano system philosophy, being conceived, designed and produced in such a way as to work together in perfect harmony.

Handling should be as easy as possible and meet every aspect of a cyclist‘s expectations. This is what we call “human engineering”. The cyclist is thus assured maximum performance and maximum comfort. In order to obtain optimum performance, a complete Shimano component group (system) should always be fitted since all the individual components are perfectly matched. To make sure the system performs to the original standard, even after worn out parts have been replaced, only Shimano Original Parts should be used.

Benefits of Shimano Original Parts

No Compromise

Only Shimano Original Parts precisely match Shimano components. Not only is the price assured, but equally the quality. Shimano parts combine accuracy of fit, safety and durability which means that all Shimano parts meet the highest standards.

The highest quality standards

With Shimano products you know you are always on the safe side. Before our products are brought to the market, we always ensure they have been thoroughly tested. Our own tests are often more rigorous than the relevant standards call for. What‘s more we can boast state-of-the-art production facilities which help us to achieve maximum fitting accuracy, reliability and safety.

Preserving the value

Using Shimano Original Parts helps preserve a bicycle’s value.

Always state of the art

All our parts are constantly updated in-line with series development. That‘s why Shimano parts always represent cutting edge products.


Or have your bike dealer do it for you. When wear parts are replaced promptly, your bike will serve you well and give you pleasure/satisfaction for many years to come.

Always check

  • tyres
  • brake pads
  • shift and brake cables
  • chain
    • sprockets
    • chainrings
    • derailleur pulleys
    • cycling shoe cleats

Special TIP from our mechanics

Shift and brake cables can become sluggish and less efficient as a result of dirt and moisture. This is a gradual process, so generally you don’t even notice it. But once the old cables have been replaced with new ones, the difference can be clearly felt.

Important: always replace both the inner and outer cables since only then is it possible to retain the original Shimano quality and achieve the Shimano standard of performance associated with it.

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